A Review: Mayflower Curry Sauce

Hello lovely people!

So, its Tuesday and I’m writing another review of a low points, convenient food product for you.

One of my favourite things to eat is Chinese food, and one of the things I love is a traditional Chinese Chicken Curry. You know the one with peas and onions and a yellow/brown sauce? Yeah, that one. I love it.

wp767c36e9_06My dad has worked with a man who is originally from China, and he introduced my father to this curry paste that he used, and sold in his family store. My dad has been making it for years, and its so tasty. So, when I started eating healthily I looked at the nutritional information, and the paste is packed with oil, and is ridiculously high in points.

76bd57ec9e9a922d7ed28a0bdbc0bba9_720x600So, when I saw this posted on a Facebook page I’m a member of, I knew I had to try it. Its a powder, which can be mixed with water, heated and used to make Chinese Curry. Here in the UK it can be bought from places like B&M or Home Bargains, but I’ve seen it on Amazon too. I pay about 99p for one box, which will  make 9 servings of curry so its an absolute steal!!

The product comes in a box, with a small plastic container inside (I wash these out and use them to freeze leftovers!), and all you need to do is follow the instructions on the box to have delicious Chinese Curry sauce. You can use it as a dip for chips, or to make a chicken curry (this is what I usually do), and I’m sure many other things!! 

To make a Chinese Chicken Curry I use the following –


  • Cook some diced chicken in a little coconut oil. 
  • Add a chopped onion and some sliced mushrooms (optional – add a diced bell pepper).
  • Mix 100g of powder with 350ml cold water. Microwave for 1 minute at a time, stirring after each minute, until the sauce thickens, to the consistency you like – (it may thin slightly once you add it to the pan with the water from the vegetables so bear this in mind!). 
  • Pour sauce over chicken and vegetables, stir well, add 100g frozen peas and cook for as long as is needed for the vegetables and chicken to be cooked through. (not long, 5 minutes at most)
  • Serve with rice. Simple!

You can buy two varieties (that I’ve seen), medium or extra hot. I like both, but I’m a lover of all things spicy so I prefer the extra hot, but if the store only have the medium option I’m not that disappointed as I like both. 

I think this product is great, its convenient, low in points and super yummy! It’s another ‘end of the month, can’t wait until payday‘ recipes!! 

If you use the amounts noted above, it works out at 3 pro points for the curry sauce alone, you’d have to weigh the chicken breast and peas and point that separately. 

I’ll upload a picture of the finished thing as soon as I take one – making this tonight!



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